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Animate a Parametric Standing Desk in Fusion 360

Animate a Parametric Standing Desk in Fusion 360

What You'll Learn

Beginner and Intermediate Fusion 360 Concepts for Animating Designs

  • Auto Exploded Views - explode your models to demo how parts go together

  • Manual Exploded Views - create better exploded views with manual placement

  • Product Assembly - showcase how products are assembled with dynamic animations

  • Annotate Important Details - uleave callouts directly on your design to callout important details not portrayed through visuals

  • Publish and Share - understand the best settings and methods to publishing and sharing Fusion 360 animations

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Welcome! - Animating 3D models in Fusion 360

    • What You Should Know

  • 2

    Preparing Designs for the Animation Workspace

    • Preparing Models for Animations

    • Quiz 1: Preparing for Animations

  • 3

    Setting Up Animations in Fusion 360

    • Entering and Navigating the Animation Workspace

    • Creating the First Storyboard

    • Quiz 2: Storyboards and Navigation

  • 4

    Creating Exploded View Animations in Fusion 360

    • Auto Exploding Fusion 360 Designs

    • Manually Exploding Fusion 360 Designs

    • Quiz 3: Creating Exploded Views

  • 5

    Creating Product Animations in Fusion 360

    • Creating a Product Assembly (Part 1 of 3)

    • Creating a Product Assembly (Part 2 of 3)

    • Creating a Product Assembly (Part 3 of 3)

    • Finishing the Product Assembly with Callouts

    • Quiz 4: Creating Product Assemblies

  • 6

    Publishing Fusion 360 Animations

    • Publishing the Animation as a Video File (.mp4)

    • Sharing the Animation Video (with the A360 Hub)

    • Quiz 5: Publishing Fusion 360 Animations

  • 7

    Course Conclusion

    • Next Steps

  • 8

    Review this Course

    • Please Write a Course Review

2023 Fusion 360 User Interface

All lessons in this course are recorded with Fusion 360's latest user interface.

Fusion 360 2021 user interface tutorial

Meet Your Instructor!

Kevin Kennedy

Product Designer and CAD Instructor

With more than 12 years of CAD experience, Kevin has brought products to market with notable companies such as Amazon, Nikon, Sony, and Oracle, to name a few.

As an early adopter of Fusion 360, he quickly became recognized as an Autodesk Expert Elite member. He continues to contribute to the future of Fusion 360 by working closely with the product team. Many know him for his Fusion 360 tutorials on YouTube, which have 4 million+ views.

His courses at The PDO Academy combine cognitive science with years of design and CAD experience, resulting in concepts that stick. With students ranging from 8 to 80 years old, he's making CAD education accessible to all backgrounds.

As a hobbyist woodworker, he enjoys designing and building custom furniture. With Fusion 360, Shaper Origin, and other digital fabrication tools, you'll find him pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a modern woodworker.

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Kevin Kennedy

P.S. Learning any new software package can be daunting - Fusion 360 is no different. To help you learn Fusion 360, I've incorporated cognitive science and other learning methods into this course. You'll also find the course sections to be broken into bite-sized lessons, making it easy to continue where you left off.


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