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Fusion 360 Masterclass for Hobbyists and Professional Woodworkers

Learn Fusion 360 for Woodworking

“Will creating 3D models save me time and help me make more money with my woodworking projects?”

You need to conceptualize your models before you cut materials. 3D model twice, cut once.

You need a visual that helps your clients see through your eyes. Show them a rendering and let the picture sell itself.

A 3D model that helps you estimate and keep track of parts - the kind that lets you work through your design ideas without spending critical time in the shop - or wasting your raw materials.

Because if there’s one thing you’re certain about:
You don’t have time to build the project a second time.

What You'll Learn

Absolute Beginner to Advanced Fusion 360 Concepts for Woodworkers

  • Dynamic 3D Models - update sizes as your requirements change

  • Parts Lists - estimate the cost and amount of materials

  • Photorealistic Renderings - easily sell clients with your vision

  • Design Iterations - test and iterate design decisions before the first cut

  • 2D Drawings - create 2-dimensional manufacture drawings from your 3D models

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What's Included

It's more than just on-demand tutorials. Get additional learning assets.

  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials - Learn by doing several woodworking projects as we cover core features and critical workflows. Projects are broken down into bite-size video lessons so you can rewind and watch as necessary.

  • Fusion 360 Terminology - Learn Fusion 360 and industry language, outlined with each course video.

  • Downloadable Resources - Download additional resource assets, included with some project lessons. Resources will be added based on student feedback and questions.

  • Test Your Knowledge - Take quizzes at the end of each section to test your knowledge and reinforce concepts. Revisit course sections as needed.

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Fusion 360 Masterclass Curriculum

Gain confidence in the correct techniques and workflows.

  • 1

    1. Course Overview

    • Course Overview & Goals

    • Join the PDO Community

    • Pre-Course Survey (required)

  • 2

    2. Getting Started with Fusion 360

    • Downloading Fusion 360 for Personal Use (free license)

    • Navigating the Fusion 360 User Interface

    • Quiz: Getting Started with Fusion 360

  • 3

    3. Important Settings & Preferences

    • Setting Design Units and Default Units

    • Understanding Display Settings

    • Overview of User Preferences

    • Quiz: Settings and Preferences

  • 4

    4. Beginner Project #1 - Simple Drawer

    • Project #1 Overview

    • Creating a New Component

    • 2D Sketching the Front Board

    • Extruding the Front Board

    • Changing the Appearance to Wood

    • Creating the Back Board

    • Creating the Side Boards

    • Projecting the Bottom Board

    • Applying Appearances and Summary

    • Quiz: Beginner Project #1

  • 5

    5. Fusion 360 Core Concepts

    • Saving and File Management

    • Working Offline Explained

    • Working with File Versions

    • Sharing and Exporting Design Files

    • Creating New 2D Sketches

    • Understanding Design Intent

    • How and Why to Fully-Constrain Sketches

    • Quiz: Fusion 360 Core Concepts

  • 6

    6. Beginner Project #2 - Parametric Book Shelf

    • Project #2 Overview

    • Creating the User Parameters

    • Creating the Side Boards

    • Creating the Top Board

    • Creating the Bottom Shelf

    • Patterning the Remaining Shelves

    • Creating the Back and Toe Kick

    • Changing our User Parameters and Summary

    • Quiz: Beginner Project #2

  • 7

    7. Understanding Bodies vs Components

    • Bottom-Up vs Top-Down Assemblies

    • Understanding Bodies

    • Understanding Components

    • How to Create New Components

    • Visibility of Components

    • Fusion 360’s Rule #1 and #2

    • Quiz: Understanding Bodies vs Components

  • 8

    8. Intermediate Project #1 - Folding Sawhorse with Joints and Motion

    • Intermediate Project #1 Overview

    • Creating the Sawhorse Legs

    • Creating the Dado Cut (Lap Joint)

    • Creating the Rail Boards

    • Creating the Top Board and Sub-Assemblies

    • Using Rigid Joints to Complete the Frames

    • Adding Bevels and Positioning the Frames

    • Inserting McMaster-Carr Hinges

    • Finishing the Joints and Motion

    • Adding Fillets and Project Summary

    • Quiz: Intermediate Project #1

  • 9

    9. Intermediate Project #2 - Adirondack Chair

    • Intermediate Project #2 Overview

    • Creating the First Side Leg

    • Creating the Main Leg

    • Creating the Arm Support

    • Creating the Back Leg

    • Creating the Armrest

    • Creating the Sub-Assembly and Mirroring

    • Patterning the Seat Slats

    • Creating the Back Supports

    • Creating the Backrest Slats

    • Offsetting Faces, Adding Fillets and Summary

    • Quiz: Intermediate Project #2

  • 10

    10. Creating a Parts List and Cutting Layout - Adirondack Chair

    • Parts List Project Overview

    • Entering the Drawing Workspace

    • Creating the Native Parts List Table

    • Editing the Parts Lists Details

    • Updating and Adding Subassemblies to Parts List

    • Adding and Renumbering Balloons

    • Exporting a Parts Lists

    • Better Parts Lists with the OpenBOM Add-in

    • Laying Objects flat with the Arrange Feature

    • Flat Patterns with MapBoards Pro Add-In

    • Quiz: Parts List in Fusion 360

  • 11

    11. Advanced Project - Modern Computer Desk

    • Advanced Project Overview

    • Setting up the Components and User Parameters

    • Creating the Drawer Frame Boards

    • Creating the Subassembly and Joints

    • Creating the Back Board and Top Support

    • Creating the Tabletop and Grooves

    • Mirroring the Half Subassembly

    • Creating the Angled Cleats

    • Lofting the Desk Legs

    • Creating the Front/Back Drawer Boards

    • Creating the Side/Bottom Drawer Boards

    • Creating the Drawer Face

    • Inserting a McMaster-Carr Handle

    • Placing the Drawer in the Desk File

    • Finding and Inserting the Drawer Slides

    • Adding Slider Joints to the Drawer Slides

    • Joining the Drawer Slides to the Drawer Box

    • Adding the Final Joints to the Desk and Drawers

    • Adding Fillets and Project Summary

    • Quiz: Advanced Project

  • 12

    12. Photo Realistic Renderings - Modern Computer Desk

    • Rendering Project Overview

    • Discussing Industry Secrets

    • Setting the Aspect Ratio and Named Views

    • Configuring the Scene Settings

    • In-Canvas Rendering Explained

    • Improving Appearances with Texture Mapping

    • Generating the First Rendering

  • 13

    13. Creating 2D Manufacture Drawings - Modern Computer Desk

    • Project Overview - 2D Drawings

    • Entering the Drawing Workspace

    • Placing Base and Projected Drawing Views

    • Changing Appearance and Visibility of Views

    • Editing the Title Block

    • Creating Additional Drawing Sheets

    • Adding Dimensions to Drawing Views

    • Dimensioning the Side and Top Views

    • Editing Document and Sheet Settings

    • Adding Section and Detailed Views

    • Exporting and Sharing the Drawing

    • Creating Templates and Project Summary

    • Quiz: 2D Manufacture Drawings

  • 14

    14. Your Questions Answered - Extra Tips and Tricks

    • Working with Sketch Dimensions

    • Fusion 360's New Text Feature & Text on Path

    • How to Renew the Fusion 360 'Personal Use' License

  • 15

    BONUS: Common Woodworking Joints

    • Dovetail Joints in Fusion 360

    • Dado Joint in Fusion 360

  • 16

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Projects You’ll Create

Practice Fusion 360 concepts as you build the following projects.

2022 Fusion 360 User Interface

All tutorials in this Masterclass are recorded with Fusion 360's latest user interface.

Exclusive Bonus Assets

Additional assets included with your membership.

  • Fusion 360 Terminology

    Terminology and descriptions have been placed below each video. I've also included downloadable PDF documents that include terminology from each section.

  • Discussion Forum

    I've turned on a members-only discussion forum. Ask questions when you run into roadblocks. Learn, meet, and help fellow students. I'll also be checking in on the discussion forum daily.

  • Video Transcripts

    I've placed video transcripts below each video. Read over the lesson transcriptions to reinforce concepts or search for specific topics and worflows.

Meet Your Instructor!

Kevin Kennedy

Product Designer and CAD Instructor

With more than 12 years of CAD experience, Kevin has brought products to market with notable companies such as Amazon, Nikon, Sony, and Oracle, to name a few.

As an early adopter of Fusion 360, he quickly became recognized as an Autodesk Expert Elite member. He continues to contribute to the future of Fusion 360 by working closely with the product team. Many know him for his Fusion 360 tutorials on YouTube, which have 4 million+ views.

His courses at The PDO Academy combine cognitive science with years of design and CAD experience, resulting in concepts that stick. With students ranging from 8 to 80 years old, he's making CAD education accessible to all backgrounds.

As a hobbyist woodworker, he enjoys designing and building custom furniture. With Fusion 360, Shaper Origin, and other digital fabrication tools, you'll find him pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a modern woodworker.

What Students Are Saying

5 star rating

Totally pleased

Bob Tanski

Totally pleased, so many details actually explained in a easy to understand way.

Totally pleased, so many details actually explained in a easy to understand way.

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5 star rating

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Andy Barnett

As a seasoned hobbyist woodworker and 3D Printer owner, I thought I was pretty familiar with Fusion 360, its been my go-to design package for almost a year n...

Read More

As a seasoned hobbyist woodworker and 3D Printer owner, I thought I was pretty familiar with Fusion 360, its been my go-to design package for almost a year now. Kevins Masterclass proved me wrong! I don't think there was a single lesson I didn't pick something up in, sometimes just a simple "gotcha", sometimes a "I didn't know it could do that" and sometimes much more. Delivered in easy-to-digest bite sized chunks, the course starts at the very beginning of the concepts of 3D design and gently leads you by the hand into some pretty amazing stuff! COME ON KEVIN - I WANT MORE!

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5 star rating

Useful course


5 star rating

Good start... lets see where it goes.

William Fredricks

If they're as good as his other free course this will help in a structured method of learning then just picking and choosing from the free courses available ...

Read More

If they're as good as his other free course this will help in a structured method of learning then just picking and choosing from the free courses available on the internet. Thanks

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5 star rating

Definitely a master at your craft

Devenna Major

Perfectly put together, direct, well explained. I just started but can go on forever. I now know I can learn this software after trying on my own on and off ...

Read More

Perfectly put together, direct, well explained. I just started but can go on forever. I now know I can learn this software after trying on my own on and off over the last couple years of frustration. Thank you for these lessons.

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FAQs About This Masterclass

  • I’m a complete beginner to Fusion 360. Is this course right for me?

    Yes! This course assumes that you have no prior Fusion 360 experience. You’ll start by learning all the core concepts and best practices. The course lessons progress while building upon themselves, meaning I do less hand-holding in the advanced lessons.

  • Does this course cover Fusion 360 CAM?

    CAM (or Fusion 360's Manufacture workspace) is currently not included in the course outline. However, due to the high demand from students, we're working on a CAM course now and will be releasing it soon.

  • Why is Fusion 360 good for woodworking?

    Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD and CAM package. That makes it a frontrunner when it comes to woodworking projects. Gone are the days where you have to use 2 or 3 different software packages to 3D model and cut your projects. Fusion 360 is also a parametric modeling program. That means you can make dynamic models with design intent. Change your dimensions and update the model when needed. Fusion 360 also offers a free Personal Use license - making it perfect for woodworking hobbyists on a limited budget. Instructions on signing up and downloading are included in the course.

  • What is the Return Policy?

    If you’re not satisfied with the course catalog then simply contact us within 7 days and we'll give you a full refund.

  • How long do I get access to the course?

    Your access depends on the chosen membership level. Get lifetime academy access to view the course forever will all future video lessons and courses.

  • What if I have no interest in woodworking and just want to learn Fusion 360?

    This course is certainly a great way to learn Fusion 360 for other topics, including 3D printing - simply skip over the woodworking-specific lessons OR check out our 3D printing-specific courses. This course focuses a lot on core concepts and best practices, making sure you’re designing your models in the most efficient manner.

  • Is the course live or pre-recorded?

    The course lessons are pre-recorded and on-demand. This means you can watch them at your convenience. You can rewatch them as much as you want or need. You can also speed up or slow down the video playback to suit your learning style. Kevin will be answering discussion forum posts to answer any questions you have about course projects and lessons.

Successful Student Projects

Below are some personal projects that students have created during and after this Masterclass.

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This Masterclass is the most comprehensive guide to learning Fusion 360 for woodworking on the internet. With step-by-step tutorials, quizzes, and discussions - my lessons have helped hundreds of students become equipped with the knowledge to create their own designs.

I'm confident you're going to love this course and find it to be a valuable investment in yourself. If for any reason you're not satisfied, simply reach out within 7 days for a full refund.

Dedicated to your learning,
Kevin Kennedy

P.S. Learning any new software package can be daunting - Fusion 360 is no different. To help you learn Fusion 360, I've incorporated cognitive science and other learning methods into this course. You'll also find the course sections to be broken into bite-sized lessons, making it easy to continue where you left off.


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